C Language : Auxiliary Symbols in a FlowChart

In my Previous Article i explained about :
  1. FlowChart
  2. FlowChart Symbol's
  3. Primary Symbol's in FlowChart

Auxiliary Symbols :

A flowchart is a combination of symbols. Some symbols enhance the readability or functionality of the flowchart, they do not directly show instructions or commands. They show the Start and Stop points, the order and sequence of actions, and how one part of flowchart is connected to another.
        Auxiliary Symbols are divided into three types:
  1. Terminal Symbols.
  2. Flow Lines.
  3. Connectors.
Auxiliary Symbols are shown in the following figure.
Symbol Name Application
Terminal Shows the beginning or ending of an algorithm.
Flow Lines Shows the action order in an algorithm.
Connector Shows connecting points in an algorithm.

1.) Terminal Symbols :

  • An Oval shows the beginning or ending of an algorithm.
  • When it is used to show the beginning of an algorithm, we use the word START inside the Oval.
  • When it is used to show the ending of an algorithm, we use the word STOP or RETURN inside the Oval.
  • A good structured Flowchar should have one and only one START one and only one STOP.

2.) Flow Lines :

  • Flow Lines show the order or sequence of actions in a program.
  • They connect symbols.
  • Usually a symbol has some entering and some exiting lines.
    1. The START oval has only one exiting line.
    2. The STOP oval has only one entering line.

3.) Connectors :

It is a circle with a number in it, to show connectivity. It is used in two situations.

  • When we reach the end of a column or page, but our chart is not finished. In this case, at the bottom of the flow, we use a connector to show that the flow continues at the top of the next column or page.
    This condition is shown in the following figure.
    Auxiliary Symbol in a flowchart connection
  • When we need to show logic details that do not fit in the flow. In a flowchart, it magnifies part of the logic flow.
    In this case, We use two sets of connectors.
    The first set connects the main flow to the entry point in the magnified flow. The second set connects the end of the magnified flow to the return point in the main flow.
    This condition is show in the following figure.
    Auxiliary Symbol in a Flowchar Connections
    In either case, the number in the connector can be a simple serial number for an on-page flow, or it can be a combination of a page and the number in the form of a page number for an off-page flow.

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