What is ASP.NET ( Asp + .NET ) - Difference Between Them


  • ASP.NET = ASP + .NET
  • ASP.NET supports ASP objects [Request, Response, Session, Application, Server], it is added with new object cache.
  • These objects can be called as ASP.NET Intrinsic Objects [ Object will be created implicitly, this makes intrinsic objects ]
  • ASP.NET supports .NET High Level Language's for programming and Base Class Libraries can be used.

ASP (Active Server Page) :

ASP a technology comes with IIS in the form of asp.dll for server side code execution.
ASP comes with 2 things :

  1. Scripting Languages towards server side.
  2. Collection of objects called "ASP objects"
    Example : Response, Request, Session, Application and Server.


ASP.NET is a technology providing set of specifications towards web based application development this technology comes with .NET. ASP.NET supports different types of web application
  1. Normal Web Application :
    webpages towards PC based Browser
  2. Mobile Web Application :
    webpages towards Mobile Device micro Browser
  3. Web Services :
    developing business logic towards business 2 business implementation
  4. AJAX Web Application :
    developing webpages with AJAX specification this will complete page submission and redirecting webpage.

Difference Between ASP and ASP.NET :

ASP is Interpreted language based on scripting languages like Jscript or VBScript. ASP.Net is supported by compiler and has compiled language support.
ASP has Mixed HTML and coding logic. Separate code and design logic possible.
Limited development and debugging tools available. Variety of compilers and tools available including the Visual studio.Net.
Limited OOPS support. Completely Object Oriented.
Limited session and application state management. Complete session and application state management.
Poor Error handling system. Full proof error handling possible.
No in-built support for XML. Full XML Support for easy data exchange.
No fully distributed data source support. Fully distributed data source support.


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