C Language : Concept of Software Engineering with Example's

Software Enginnering

Software Enginnering is the establishment and use of sound engineering methods and principles to obtain software that is reliable and that works on real machines.
This definition, from the first international conference on Software Enginnering in 1969, was proposed 30 year's after the First Computer was built. During that period, software was more of an art than a science. In fact, one of the most authoritative treatments of programming describes it as an art:

Art of Computer Programming

The computer science discipline concerned with developing large applications. Software Enginnering covers not only the technical aspects of building software systems, but also management issues, such as directing programming teams, scheduling and budgeting.
Software Enginnering is an approach for developing software that attempts to treat it as a formal process more like traditional engineering than the craft that many programmers believe it is.
We talk of crafting an application, refining and polishing it, as if it were a wooden sculpture, not a series of logic instructions.
The problem here is that you cannot enginner art. Programming falls somewhere between an art and a science.
Software Enginnering (SE ) is the profession conerned with specifying, designing, developing and maintaing software applications by applying technologies and practices from computer sceience, project management, and other fields.
Software Enginnering applications are used in a wide range of activities, from industry to entertainment.
Software Application improve user productivity and quality of life.
Application Software Examples : Office Suits, video Games and the World wide Web(WWW).
System Software Examples : Embedded systems and Operating Systems. software enginnering technologies and practices improve the productivity of developers and the quality of the applications they create.
Software Enginnering Examples : Databases, Languages, Libraries, patterns, tools.
Computer Science Examples : Algorithm and data structures.
Project Management Examples : Processes.


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