Similarities & Difference Between .NET and JAVA



Similarities of .NET and JAVA

1 Both of these support to develop console applications, windows applications, web sites, web services etc.
2 Both use their own intermediate language. Java calls it as "byte code" and .NET calls it as "MSIL"
3 Both are Object oriented programming languages.
4 Both support Remoting.
5 Both support multi-threading.
6 Both are platform independen
7 Both support web related languages like Java Script, XML, CSS etc.
8 Both support the recent web development technology like AJAX.
9 Both support "Garbage collection", which automatically clears the un-used memory.
10 Both support to develop the applications for small devices like PDA‘s, mobile phones, smart phones etc.
11 Both offer better security features in their own style.

Difference B/w JAVA and .NET



It is cost effective. Costs more than $700 (nearly Rs. 35,000) It is open source product, which freely downloaded on the Internet.
Supports Language Independency (supports multiple languages) Doesn‘t offer multiple languages
Offers IDE as Visual Studio by Microsoft. Doesn‘t offer any IDE. But other IDE‘s by other vendors such as Eclipse etc.
Offers easiest and fastest application development, which indirectly reduces the cost of the software. Requires much time for the application development, which indirectly increases the cost of the software.
Designing the UI is very much easy with "Drag and Drop" technique UI Design requires much programmer‘s effort and stress.
AJAX is implementation is much easy. AJAX is implementation is much time taking process, requires much code to write.

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