C Language : Flowchart Symbol's

In my Previous Article i explained about :
  1. FlowChart
  2. Auxiliary Symbol's in FlowChart
  3. Primary Symbol's in FlowChart
  1. Auxiliary Symbols.
  2. Primary Symbols.
Some of the common symbols used in flowchars are shown below:
Flowchart Symbols
with flowcharing, essential steps of an algorithm are shown using the shapes above.
The flow of data between steps is indicated by arrows or flow lines.

1.) Auxiliary Symbols :

A flowchart is a combination of symbols. Some symbols enhance the readability or functionality of the flowchart, they do not directly show instructions or commands. They show the Start and Stop points, the order and sequence of actions, and how one part of flowchart is connected to another.
        Auxiliary Symbols are divided into three types:
  • Terminal Symbols.
  • Flow Lines.
  • Connectors.
Auxiliary Symbols are shown in the following figure.
Symbol Name Application
Terminal Shows the beginning or ending of an algorithm.
Flow Lines Shows the action order in an algorithm.
Connector Shows connecting points in an algorithm.
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2.) Primary Symbols :

Programmers use Primary Symbols to show the insructions or actions needed to solve the problem presented in the algorithm.
With these symbols, it is possible to represent all the three structured programming constructs - Sequence, Decision and Repetition Statements.
  • Sequence Statements.
  • Selection (Decision) Statements.
  • Looping (Repetition) Statements.


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