DOTNET : Create Forum Project for Beginner's

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Forum Project

  1. Forum Project is a public services site (like Social Network Site) any one can Sign up and Post Articles.
  2. To Post Articles user have to Register first.
  3. Posted Articles display automatically in Home Page (i.e) Nothing but a default page of these site.
  4. Posted Articles will display in small rectangular box with 150 Character's of Description and Read more button in Home Page and Your Posted Articles Page.
  5. When Read more button clicked in rectangular box which show's Posted Article's open in new windows and show Article fully.

Forum : important point to remember

While Registration Time Keep in mind Username is case-sensitive
For Example :
you have Registered as Ramesh450 is Username but you have enter ramesh450 in login page its won't work some times. Instead of ramesh450 = enter Ramesh450 this is drawback of these page.

Post Article's :

  • Title of the post article allow maximum of 150 character's.
  • Post body allow maximum of 4000 character's


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